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SHORTSTORYFINALESSAY - Take-Home Essay(Part III of Final...

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Take-Home Essay (Part III of Final Exam) ENG 312 Professor Dorazio April 2007 As an individual, it is important to stand up for what one believes in, even when faced with opposition and ridicule. It is not easy, and it sometimes means having to do things that are not pleasant or not generally accepted by society. The stories “The Professor” and “Cora Unashamed” by Langston Hughes both feature characters that stand up or “fight” for what they believe in. However, the two characters T. Walton Brown and Cora Jenkins stand up in two very different ways and for different reasons. In “The Professor”, Brown is a colored professor who is invited to dinner at the mansion of the Chandlers, a wealthy white couple who are interested in investing in the (colored) college where he works. The Chandlers invited the professor after a representative from the Chandler Committee declared Brow “a fine, sane, dependable young Negro”. After he is picked up from the Booker T. Washington Hotel (a rather run- down and deplorable building), Brown is finally introduced to the Chandlers and Dr. Bulwick, a sociologist from Municipal College (a school that does not admit colored people).
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