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Randy Street Susan Polster English 101 March 22, 2007 Illegal Immigration’s Effect on the Nations Economy Approximately twelve million Illegal immigrants live in the United States. Illegal immigration is linked to high many economic problems. Many Illegal immigrants- because they are not citizens of the United States do-not pay many taxes. that citizens would have to pay, such as income tax. There is also a cost to school illegal immigrant’s children and also the amount of money spent on court and prison fees. Many immigrants also live in low income areas where increased crime rate has been proven to be present. This causes more to be spent on police services to help to control this crime and also more services to help the immigrants living in poverty. These are a lot of services for people who are not contributing to taxes to pay for these services. However, immigrants can also help the economy by doing hard manual labor that no one else will do for the amount of money that the illegal immigrants are paid, saving the government money and producing necessary goods. These are jobs that are said to be jobs that American people do not want. How can the immigrants help our economy farther? A study performed by the Center for Immigration Studies states that only an estimated 0.6% of illegal immigrants pay income tax per household. This 0.6% only adds up to $1,371 paid in federal income taxes per household. A house is supported by an illegal immigrant, is on average, larger and has a smaller income; the head of the family
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Street 2 pays only and estimated one-fifth as much as a house with a legal citizen supporting that particular house. If one were to pay attention only to taxes, illegal immigrants have paid $1,687 in social security tax, which is approximately 1.2% of the national total in 2002. Showing that even though Illegal immigrants are in the United States enjoy the opportunities offered to them they are giving very little back as a whole. Many privately funded institutions along with government funded ones have shown that Illegal immigrants cost the government money. They amount that the immigrant household give back to the government is miniscule compared to the amount the government spends on them. In an illegal immigrant household, the average inhabitants are about 2.7 people per house. Only 70% of the 2.7 are uninsured. This costs Americans because the government pays for illegal immigrants cases that would usually be covered by insurance, these uninsured family cost the government about $591 per year. That is 13.1% of the national total. Illegal residents cost the government $499 for food assistance welfare programs. Legal citizens cost the national government almost half that, they use only $266 for food assistance welfare programs. Food assistance welfare programs provide food stamps and free school breakfast/lunch programs; illegal immigrants exploit this opportunity, which takes about 5.6% of the national total. If one would add up all the money given to illegal immigrants, in addition to all other
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Final research paper - Randy Street Susan Polster English...

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