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References Bliss, Ray C. Institute of Applied Politics. 2002. “Assessing Legislative Term Limits in Ohio” University of Akron Online Resources. (February 13, 2007) Demand Entertainment, Inc. 2007. “Soyouwanna Know About Term Limits?” (April 28, 2007) Frank, Mitch. 2001. “When Rookies Rule the Roost” Time Magazine Online. 18 June.,9171,129925,00.html (April 28, 2007) Heavy, Susan. 1999. “Term Limits Take Effect” The Washington Post Online. 4 March. srv/politics/special/termlimits/termlimits.htm
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Unformatted text preview: (April 26, 2007) McNett, Cherie L. 1996 “Challenges and Opportunities: Term Limits in the States” American Society of Anesthesiologists: ASA Newsletter. 1 December (April 28, 2007) Ohio Secretary of State Office. 1992. “Term Limits” Ohio Election Information Online. November. Section=13 (February 13, 2007) Price, Gene. 2006. “Term limits? The issue has pros and cons” Goldsboro New-Argus. 3 April. _has_pros_and_cons/index.shtml (April 26, 2007)...
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