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Psychology 2 - LECTURE 8 THINKING-Freud good ideas but it...

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Sheet1 Page 1 LECTURE 8 - THINKING -Freud - good ideas but it didnt really stand up over the years -William James - thinking is for doing, our thought processes are adaptive -Homo habilis - no pre frontal cortex -Homo sapiens - lots of cortical material -Pan paniscus - 400cc brain, different shear -Homo sapiens - 1400cc brain, increased development, improved nutrition -we are scrawny, have no hair, weak skin, bad nails and teeth -neotinalization, infantilization - like a baby -group coordinization -social brain hypothesis - human brain size increases as group size increases -prefrontal cortex and amygdalia (lat. almond) -ventromedial prefrontal cortex - VMPFC -people with VMPFC damage can reason through logic questions but cannot make decisions proplerly -expected utility theory - weigh different options -utility is equal to probability times its value -odds do not depend on past events -sample size neglect -Heuristics - rules of thumb, algortim is the opposite -Problems in valuation- presentism. pastism, relativism LECTURE 9 - CONSCIOUSNESS -Daniel Dennet - how much money for your consciousness? -consciousness - having awaremess of one's environment, existence, and thoughts -the state of being mentally perceptive or awake -subjective experience of qualia -awareness of subjective experience -unitary experience -the distinction between the experience and the awareness of the experience is the me vs I distinction -blindsight - damage to the occipital cortex - no awareness of the experience -sub-cortical structures still have some visual experience but no awareness -conflict monitoring in the anterior cinguate cortex -workspace neurons bind different regions of the brain to another -it seems unitary because it is a synthesis -the ACC seems it might difect this unity -self awareness is an element of consciousness tested by a mirror task
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Sheet1 Page 2 -Freud said that pre-consciousness is a defense mechanism -the psychoanalytic unconscious -the modern perspective is the congnitive unconscious -consciouness is a spotlight with a limited diameter -the brain contains many modules and some are conscious at any given moment -certain modules have no connection to consciousness -others have unidirectional access -the last is bidirectional access - running form -automaticity - unconscious learning, filtering, priming - balance -hippocampus to cortex and back communication is learning consolidation during sleep -what would life be life without mirrors? LECTURE 10 - LANGUAGE -language is for social coordination, relationships, information gain, thinking -The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis shows that language integrates with culture and thought? -semantics is the relation between signs and the things they refer to
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Psychology 2 - LECTURE 8 THINKING-Freud good ideas but it...

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