396 Chapter 4

396 Chapter 4 - 396 Chapter 4 04:14 Plan of action Research...

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Unformatted text preview: 396 Chapter 4 04:14 Plan of action Research design • The framework of plan for a study, used as a guide to collect and analyze data. • The blueprint followed to complete a study. • Research can be conducted without a detailed blueprint o Findings will greatly differ from what the user of the research wanted Interesting, but didn’t solve the basic problem o Research without design is likely to cost more o Research design ensures that the study Will be relevant to the problem Will use economical procedures • Three basic types of research o Exploratory, Descriptive, Causal o Exploratory Major emphasis on the discovery of ideas and insights. Soft drink company researching an Explanation of decreased sales or an electronics company looking to launch a new-to-the-world product needs to assess consumers’ reactions o Descriptive Concerned with determining the frequency with which something occurs or The relationship between two variables Guided by an initial hypothesis An investigation of trends of consumption of soft drinks with respect to characteristics such as age, gender, and geographic location would be a descriptive study. A segmentation study that tied propensity to try new-to-the-world technology to user characteristics, such as daily time spent online, would be descriptive research o Causal Concerned with determining cause and effect relationships, and these are studied via experiments...
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396 Chapter 4 - 396 Chapter 4 04:14 Plan of action Research...

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