471-study guide final

471-study guide final - 1. What is an operating system?...

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1. What is an operating system? Provide some examples? It is software to manage system resources. A set of computer programs that controls the computer hardware and acts as an interface with application programs. Some examples are windows, linux, Unix, mac oxs. 2. What are some main functions of OS? Perform common computer hardware functions, provides a user interface and input output management, provides a degree of hardware interdependence, manages system memory and processing tasks, providing networking capability, controlling access to system resources and managing files 3. What is a kernel? It is the heart of the OS and controls the most critical processes. It ties all components of the OS together and regulates other programs. It also controls hardware, separates processes and manages files. Linux is actually only the kernel of the OS. 4. What is system software? The set of programs designed to coordinate the activities and functions of the hardware and various programs throughout the computer system. Examples include: operating systems, utility programs, and middleware.
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471-study guide final - 1. What is an operating system?...

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