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Nelson 1 Alfred Nelson ENGL 1100 Joanna Phillips 24 August 2007 The Store Wants Your Undivided Attention Before stepping from your car parked along with many others within the asphalt sea, you notice the vast complex in which you are about to stand. This complex contains an unusually large structure where people shop for food, clothing, and other basic living necessities. The amount of people traveling between the two large automatic doors on both sides of the front of the building is amazing. And surely no one can resist to notice the large neon sign entitled “Wal- Mart,” which shines hundreds of yards from the beige and blue painted building. However, this sign merely lures customers from their cars, for the real trap lies inside. Just inside the double automatic doors which hardly get a rest from high traffic volume, there is an employee who assists incoming customers by offering them shopping carts. While some ignore the employee, many accept the cart. Disregarding any of the blandly colored space in the foyer including the high ceilings, most head right into the central area of the store where their first glances are caught by brightly colored, yet readable advertisements, and stocked products ranging from toys to cookies. While some people stop to stare at the products, others hurry about as their concentration has not been taken yet. Because of the advertisements, very few people actually look up to notice the ceilings, nor do they pay attention to the walls or floors. The store is also moderately lit from the ceilings, while at floor level, products in certain sections are lit brighter than others. There are few places that the eye can see without being visually attracted.
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Nelson 2 But not everyone falls into the traps called advertisements. Some people are more focused on their electronics or other siblings in their party. Like “Heather,” as heard from her friend who accompanied her, was busy on her cellphone, ignoring everything else including the employee who offered her a buggy in the foyer area of the store. As they walked into the main area in the
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Paper2-Final - Nelson 1 Alfred Nelson ENGL 1100 Joanna...

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