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Real Estate Principles: Assignment 1 Name: . Public Information Useful for Buying Houses (as well as land and smaller investment properties) The purpose of this assignment is to acquaint you with the Internet “tip-of-the-iceberg” with respect to the information available on the Internet to a home buyer or seller. Read the directions carefully. Most grade deductions are the result of omission. Use this sheet as the cover sheet for your assignment. First, go to, the official website for the National Association of Realtors and the best site for starting a search for a house because, by far, it has the greatest volume. Enter a zipcode of interest (or city, etc.), follow the instructions and enter enough features and/or limitations so that you have a final sample of less than 10 properties. You may want to do the detailed search, but usually setting price ranges will accomplish this goal. The end result is a sample of properties that are for sale and meet specified characteristics. Then pick one of the properties.
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Assmt_1_-_Internet_Housing_Data - Real Estate Principles:...

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