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Air strada journals - Justin Gardner J-1 To me, a metaphor...

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Justin Gardner J-1 To me, a metaphor is a word or phrase that accurately depicts a much larger topic. While varying in length, these metaphors help get a point across. The two metaphors that stood out to me were, “world without walls” and “borderless athletes”. “World without walls”, I believe, directly deals with communications. Before the rise of globalization, it would take days to get a message across a state. Now with the rise of the Internet and television, it takes only seconds. “Borderless athletes”, to me, is a good and a bad situation. While the U.S. benefits from this other countries can suffer. The best athletes in the world leave everything behind to play in America. This can b a major bow to a countries sports programs. J-2 I think that drugs would be the hardest to solve, because they are everywhere. We can only stop a handful of dealers at a time, because of the elaborate networking. It also seems that no matter how hard we try to bam them, they pop up everywhere. Drugs have been around forever and I do not see a quick fix anytime in the future. I think the best defense we can have against drugs is education. I think that if we just tell our children the dangers of drugs we can drastically reduce the number of drugs in circulation in the future. J-3 Canada practices effective multi-lateralism. Canada is one of the few countries that are able to find strength through peace. Lester Pearson is among the leaders of this peaceful practice. While many other countries find peace as a weakness Canada finds strength. Compared to the U.S., Canada is much more peaceful, but a lot weaker. For example, in Iraq, Canada would have had a peaceful solution, while we result to using force. This could come as a weakness to some, but not for Canada. J-4
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Air strada journals - Justin Gardner J-1 To me, a metaphor...

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