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journals week 4 - In this essay Gatto examines the troubles...

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Justin Gardner Eng. 101 2/7/08 Idiot Nation In the passage “Idiot Nation”, author Michael Moore says that America has become a nation of complete idiots. Moore has a long history of criticizing the nation and has strong feelings against President Bush. I personally do not agree with his opinions towards the nation. People are naturally lazy and only the willing can change themselves for the better. Moore focuses more on the laziness and stupidity of the minority of Americans. I think his attacks and criticisms on our nation and against our president are out of line. If Moore wants to make these attacks and say America is so bad, then why doesn’t he just move to another country? Against School The essay Against School by John Taylor Gatto deals with the facts of education versus schooling.
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Unformatted text preview: In this essay Gatto examines the troubles of public school systems and the flaws of the teachers. Gatto attacks the basic foundation of the public school systems and tries to divide everyone into a class. He also limits the potential of the struggling students by saying that those students who fall behind should be swept away like dirt. I found the essay to be bias, irritating, and incorrect. When I think of how cruel elementary school can be and how it can affect a child, I think it is absolutely insane to encourage this behavior. Kids nowadays are so easily influenced by what they see on television and what they read; I think Gatto is trying to push his crazy bias thoughts on us. Simply by stating that the lower class children should be left behind is absolutely ludicrous....
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journals week 4 - In this essay Gatto examines the troubles...

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