Justin Gardner History of Journalism

Justin Gardner History of Journalism - Wow I do not think...

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Justin Gardner History of Journalism It is too hard to summarize all of the events in journalism’s extensive history, because no one advancement is less important than another. We can name so many such as Gutenberg’s printing press, John Zenger, Ben Franklin, and so many more. Johan Gutenberg was probably the greatest inventor journalism has ever seen. Just to think how his simple invention of printing words onto a page would revolutionize the field is simply amazing. Although he may not have known it at the time, Gutenberg would become known as a hero in the journalism field. John Zenger was also a hero of his era and a hero to the field as well. He was the original one to publish print that went against the rule of the governor and the colony of NY. He revolutionized the way journalism can attack an individual for wrongdoing and use freedom of speech and press to its fullest extent, even though Zenger needed a little help from Ben Franklin.
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Unformatted text preview: Wow I do not think there is ever enough you can say about Ben Franklin. Ben, who worked under his older brother James, was studious and patient although his brother was very cruel to him at times. Although Ben escaped that cruel time and eventually became the editor of the paper he and his brother had founded and turned it into a success. Ben knew what the public was interested in reading about and went out there and delivered the stories. I must say Ben Franklin was definitely a genius of his time. I think is so much that can be written about the early pioneers of journalism, but not enough space. These men helped revolutionize the field and shape it to be what it is today. Not only were they heroes of their eras but also journalistic geniuses....
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Justin Gardner History of Journalism - Wow I do not think...

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