Success - Justin Gardner Eng 101 Success I think everyone...

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Justin Gardner Eng 101 2/29/08 Success I think everyone in America has a chance for success as long as they put forth an effort. I do not think wealth and power is handed down, but yet it is earned through hard work. Success is not just reserved for the upper class, but for people who really strive to achieve it. With all the organizations out there designed to help people, everyone can have an opportunity for success. I was once told that “you only get out of life, what you put into it.” In this world today I find that this statement is truer than before. The amount of conscious effort you put forth into life will yield you with opportunity and chances to better your life and the lives around you. The chances may not come right away but in the long run you will be rewarded with great opportunity. In this way the first organization to help you is yourself. A great organization that can help guide you in the right direction is the CAC. The local Community Action Council in Steubenville is a great program that helps adults and teenagers. Adults that come in unemployed are helped by taking a test to list what jobs they are best suited
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Success - Justin Gardner Eng 101 Success I think everyone...

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