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Distortion Vs reality

Distortion Vs reality - able to become aware of these items...

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Terra Russell Cognitive Psych Article Distortion Vs. Reality This article discusses that fact that depressed people have a certain mindset. “The depressed are given to negative thought patterns that not only send them down the path to depression but keep them mired in the bog of despair.” This article believes it is in the head of the depressed person that they feel these bad thought. “A common cognitive distortion that sustains depression is "people don't like me." But the fact is, there is a lot about depressed behavior that is aversive to other people-things they do and things that they don't do that are genuinely off-putting.” It is saying that it is hard to make the decision whether this is actually true or it is all in the head of an individual. By being
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Unformatted text preview: able to become aware of these items, may actually help the individuals that suffer from this depression. To me this is a common sense item that someone feels that they needed to share. A depressed person is not going to see reality they are going to see that glass as half empty. I do not believe that by understanding that it is all in their heads will help. This is because a I would say that a lot of the people know they are depressed but they don’t know why. They can understand that there is something not adding up in their lives that should be. However, I think that by telling them there is nothing wrong and it is all in their heads might make it worse then it already is. Marano, Hara Estroff. “Distortion v. Reality.” Psychology Today. Nov. 1 st 2002....
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