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HW01 - and a freehand sketch of each of the products(3 pts...

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ENG 004 – Fall 2007 – HW #1 – Due 17 January at beginning of lecture. (10 pts total) Notes: All numbered problems are from Bertoline and Weibe, 5 th Edition. Italicized text indicated a modified problem statement. Put your studio (lab) day on your submitted work along with your printed name . Practice Problem 1.1, page 27: measure L through U in inches. Use a fractional-inch scale. Convert your results to millimeters (mm) to one decimal place. (2 pts) Problem 1.4, page 33: In addition to the problem statement include a brief description
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Unformatted text preview: and a freehand sketch of each of the products. (3 pts) Additional Problems: Short essay- explain the differences (300-400 words) in the design process models described in lecture and described in sections 1.3 and 1.4 of the text. (5 pts) All essays must be computer generated. In Sketchbook – Sketch the interior of a room of the building in which you currently live, e.g., bedroom, dining room or hall, etc. (Your TA will check this at a future date and part of your studio grade.)...
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