HW04 - Prob 4.3 Prob 4.5 Figure 4.64B Use isometric grid...

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ENG 004 – Winter 2008 - HW #4 – Due 7 February at the beginning of lecture. Put Studio Day on HW. Notes: All numbered problems are from Bertoline and Weibe, 5 th Edition. Italicized text indicated a modified problem statement. Put your studio (lab) day on your submitted work along with your printed name . Prob. 4.2 Describe how to create a solid model of a simple coffee mug using sweep and other constructive solid geometry operations. Clearly define the profiles used and the sweep axes associated with each profile. This is to be done with hand drawings in the format as in Figure 4.12 of the text.
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Unformatted text preview: Prob. 4.3 Prob. 4.5- Figure 4.64B. Use isometric grid from course SmartSite. Special Problem 4.1 – Describe how solid models can be made of each of the items in Figures 4.65 A through C. Describe each step including all operations and primitive used. Special Problem 4.2 – Define the following terms as they relate to the course’s topics – you may use sketches to illustrate the meaning: a. Boolean Operations b. Concurrent Design c. Contour Sketching d. Construction Line e. World Coordinate System f. Local Coordinate System g. Primitive h. Constructive Solid Geometry...
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