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HW06 - Prob 5.24 Prob 10.1 Sketch(as close to scale as...

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ENG 004 – Winter 2008 - HW #6 – Due 21 February before Midterm. Put Studio Day on HW. Notes: All numbered problems are from Bertoline and Weibe, 5 th Edition. Italicized text indicated a modified problem statement. Put your studio (lab) day on your submitted work along with your printed name . Prob. 5.23
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Unformatted text preview: Prob. 5.24 Prob. 10.1 Sketch (as close to scale as possible - you may use the rectangular grid) a multi-view drawing of part 1 seen in Figure 10.62 on page 532. The dimensions for part 1 are shown on page 533 in the upper-right. Include a title block as discussed in section 10.2.5 of the text....
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