Restoration (Elliot-Fisk)

Restoration (Elliot-Fisk) - 1 Why Are Wildlife and Fish...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Why Are Wildlife and Fish Habitat Conservation and Restoration Important? Professor Debbie Elliott-Fisk WFCB BIODIVERSITY HAS INHERENT VALUE: Most conservation biologists and many members of the general public believe from ethical, religious, or other philosophical viewpoints that biodiversity itself has inherent value. There have been various declarations on the “value of nature” from religious leaders of Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Jewish faiths (World Wildlife Fund, 1999). Some of these beliefs are set forth as “principles of conservation biology” by Michael Soule (1985), who is often regarded as the founder of conservation biology in North America. These principles of conservation biology are rationale for our conservation efforts, and are that: A. The diversity of species and biological communities should be preserved; B. The untimely extinction of populations and species should be prevented; C. Ecological complexity should be maintained; D. Evolution should continue; and E. Biological diversity has intrinsic value. One approach to maintaining biodiversity is CONSERVING THE HABITATS (e.g. homes) of organisms by protecting them from further deterioration (e.g. setting aside parks and wildlife reserves) - this is referred to as HABITAT CONSERVATION. A second approach is RESTORING HABITATS through the science of restoration ecology, either recreating these habitats from scratch (e.g., creating new vernal pools or wetlands) or enhancing the values/structures of existing...
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Restoration (Elliot-Fisk) - 1 Why Are Wildlife and Fish...

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