how teachers make children hate reading

how teachers make children hate reading - so straight...

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Matt Benedict Reading Response “How Teachers Make Children Hate Reading” I don’t believe reading is outdated because it is a very necessary tool to learn. Society today is based on a lot of visuals, with an explosion of things on television and movies. These cutting edge visuals are far more exciting than reading and today’s youth would rather watch a show on nickelodeon, which may be educational, but doesn’t have the same stimulation as a book. Critical thinking will decline because things are presented much easier visually without the extra thinking the a book requires. Reading a book creates a mental picture in the reader as they are stimulated by the words, and the television show just presents it without the extra thinking. After a while we will even stop thinking critically about even these images that are presented because they are given
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Unformatted text preview: so straight forward. Advertising is an example of this because they want to make sure their point is clear and not up for interpretation, and with the mass amounts of advertising flooding our consumer culture it is most of what we see. Holt says the only way kids can learn to write is by writing. This works if the kids want to write and are in a good environment to express their own thoughts in the writing so they begin to personalize it. I think if children see writing as a way to express themselves and develop the skills and desire to share their ideas and takes on things then they will develop a lifelong love of writing. This should also work the same with reading as they should develop and interest in reading other’s ideas and form their own opinions and thoughts about them....
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