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turning points notes

turning points notes - • Compromise of 1877-democrats...

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Patronage-political spoils Tariffs- tax on imports, to promote homegrown goods and equalizing the price, seeds to lead us to the civil war Nullification-page 333, started in south Carolina, economic legal John c. Calhoun Removal act- passed in 1830 by Andrew Jackson encroachment and violence of white settlers and the natives was so severe if they didn’t move they would be killed 5 civilized tribes- Cherokee, Creek, Seminole, Choctaw, Chickasaw Trail of Tears- Treaty of new enchota- Cherokee have 2 years to leave Chapter 12 William Lloyd garrison, the liberator(1831) Angelina grimke submitted articles Nat turner, slave rebellion Chapter 15 Nathan Bedford forest the leader of the kkk
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Unformatted text preview: • Compromise of 1877-democrats traded the whitehouse for control of the south • Hayes got the white house southern democrats got “status quo antebellum”, getting soldiers out of the south and control of the south again • Tainos- the group of native Americans that were first made contact with by Columbus, started the Columbia exchange, Columbus brought them back because he thought they would be good servants • Treaty of tordesillas 1492 who wrote it who was involved and what did it do Chapter16 • Homestead act-• Railroad act- • Custer, little bighorn 1876-Chapter 19 • Page 592 • Populist movement • Chapter 25 3 R’s- relief, reform,...
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turning points notes - • Compromise of 1877-democrats...

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