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Interfering With Society - what we think is right even...

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Matt Benedict Interfering With Society I don’t think it’s the responsibility of the United States to jump in and interfere with the affairs of other countries. Cultural differences make things ok in other countries that way may not agree with here in the United States but unless it directly effects us I think we must let it go. Instead trying to fix the problems of the world, we should first solve the ones that plague our own country. There was the same number of homicides in Iraq of the past year as there was in Detroit, but we stay preoccupied with Iraq and not here with in our own borders. Another problem with this is that it’s not like the other countries are inviting us in to fix their problems. The government takes it upon themselves to barge in and tell them
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Unformatted text preview: what we think is right even though it really has nothing to do with us or our citizens. I think the real enforcer of the world should be the United Nations. Global issues shouldn’t be the responsibility of the United States and we should not act like they are. We would all benefit from a stronger United Nations which would govern over all nations. I think the leaders of our country may not like this because it may take away some of their power. I don’t see the united states as a bully, because we do a lot of good for other countries, however, we cant fight every battle especially when wars need to be waged against problems in our own country....
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