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What were the main economic

What were the main economic - What were the main economic...

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What were the main economic, political, and religious justifications for slavery? In America, the color of one’s skin was the main source for their place in society. Slavery has been practiced throughout the years dating back to the early modern Europe. This time of slavery was based on if one was captured during war between nations. The justifications for slavery in the United States were based on economics, politics, and religion of the white slaves and the ethnicity of the slave. Slavery was a cheap, but very profitable business. Since there were fewer jobs and extremely low wages (if any) it was beneficial to the slaveholders. One of the leading slave products is cotton. “Cotton…would have brought us $100,000,000. We have sold it for $65,000,000, and saved you. Thirty-five million dollars we, the slaveholders of the South, have put into the charity box” (86) At this time, the South claimed that they profited so much money from slave labor, that they could support the North and themselves financially. Many Northern textile mill owners supported southern slavery
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