internal revolution

internal revolution - Before the American Revolution, there...

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Before the American Revolution, there were two struggles that Americans were facing at this time. The Americans were trying to break away from Britain and gain their independence, and the Americans were trying to figure out how to remake their newly independent government. Gender relations, class, and race were the issues recurring during this period of time. Many slaves try to petition and negotiate freedom from their masters during this time. “Your Petitioners apprehend that they have in Common with all other men a Natural and Unalienable Right to that freedom which the Great Parent of the Universe that Bestowed equally on all mankind and which they have Never forfeited by any Compact or agreement whatever”. They realized that these petitions showed how the American ideas of independence influenced the their ideas of independence. "If America should come to a hostile rupture, I am afraid an Insurrection among the slaves may well be promoted. In one of our Counties lately a few of those unhappy wretches met together and chose a leader who was to conduct them when the English troops should arrive -- which they foolishly thought would be very soon and that by revolting to them they should be rewarded with their freedom.” This posed a problem for the masters of the slaves. The masters and other white Americans were worried that the slaves would side with the British in hopes of gaining freedom and independence. “We have no Property. We have no Wives. No Children. We have no City. No Country. But we have a Father in Heaven, and we are determined, as far as his Grace shall enable us, and as far as our degraded contemptuous Life will admit, to keep all his Commandments: Especially will we be obedient to our Masters, so long as God in his sovereign Providence shall suffer us to be holden in Bondage. It would be impudent, if not presumptuous in us, to suggest to your Excellency and Honors any Law or Laws proper to be made, in relation to our unhappy State, which, although our greatest Unhappiness, is not our Fault; and this gives us great Encouragement to pray and hope for such Relief as is consistent with your Wisdom, justice, and Goodness.” The slaves also believed that if they have belief in God as others do, they should have the same opportunities and freedom that many other Americans have. This was just one of the internal struggles faced during the American Revolution. Another internal struggle that was faced during this period was the struggle between class and politics. “The greatest imprudence to elect Men of Enormous Estates” who would only add to their “Power” and “Wealth, which gives them such a superiority over us as to render them our Lords and Masters and us as their most abject Slaves.” This shows how the power of the upper class gets more powerful as they are elected in office. “Spoke of how the “great and over-grown rich Men will be improper to be trusted, [for]
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internal revolution - Before the American Revolution, there...

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