Mary Rowlandson

Mary Rowlandson - Americans Mary is taken captive and...

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Inhabitants to the new world for many years, the Native Americans were greeted by English settlers in the 17 th century. Unfamiliar to their culture and style of living, many English settlers such as Mary Rowlandson, considered the Native Americans to be uncivilized and savages. The European belief was that “humans beings were divided into “civilized” and “savage” peoples.” (pg 3). The Native Americans had hatred towards their new neighbors as well. “The standing in native eyes of leaders such as Metacom of the Wampanoags and Shoshani of the Nipmuc, who had long maintained that the English were the inveterate enemies of their people” (pg.2). “Colonial governments strictly enforced the segregation of Indian and English communities.”(pg 3). By now it was evident that both neighboring civilizations were full of hatred for each other. This sparked a ruthless attack on Mary Rowlandson’s town of Lancaster by the Native
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Unformatted text preview: Americans. Mary is taken captive and stripped of all her possessions, family and friends. Mary, being the highly religious puritan turned to god during her captivity. Being a wife to her minister husband Joseph, “she was one of God’s “saints””. (pg 28) Later in her captivity, Mary was given a bible. This bible was an escape from the Indians and a sanctuary for practicing her beliefs. Reading the bible allowed Mary to convince herself that whatever happens, happens for a reason. Mary believes that her captivity is just a test of her dedication to her religion and belief of god. Throughout her captivity Mary’s hatred towards the Native Americans grew. Mary did not trust any Native American and thought they were all traitors and devils. Mary and her husbands religious background has portrayed what they and other puritans had viewed the Native Americans....
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Mary Rowlandson - Americans Mary is taken captive and...

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