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research paper yo - Research Paper Music File Sharing The...

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Research Paper: Music File Sharing The case of music file-sharing and major file-sharing companies providing a database for users to store, send, share, and download copyrighted music has been a widely debated and controversial topic in America over the past decade. There are a very large number of people who favor the companies who provide these places to download music. They believe that it is their right to be able to download and send music files because it is no different than sharing it with a friend or loved one. Others, however, who are opposed to these companies, find music sharing a violation of many rights and consider it stealing from the artist that works to create the music. While some musicians object to the concept of file sharing, the greater majority praise its benefits, as documented through current news articles whose strong rhetorical devices persuade readers as well. The first file sharing company to hit America was named Napster. It was adopted in 1999 by two college students Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker. It started off very small but eventually turned into a global company. Napster was discontinued for a long period of time due to heavy lawsuits coming from Metallica, Dr. Dre, and the RIAA. Eventually, Napster had to discontinue its free service. A new version of Napster is now available, where users can choose to pay monthly fees and download as many songs as they want, in opposition to a pay-by-the-song method. Despite the heavy lawsuits, the impact on musicians could not have been determined because there was no way to prove the exact loss that musicians have been
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claiming. Harvard Business School and the University of North Carolina have conducted a new survey which followed 1.75 million downloads while also tracking CD sales of close to 700 for a 17-week period in 2002 to see really how much file sharing affects CD sales. The study showed that file sharing did not have a negative affect on CD sales and in fact had a positive one. For the most popular 25% of CDs being sold, for every 150 songs that were downloaded, there was another CD sale. The record industry has also been on decline over the past years, but correlated with the overall industry decline in America. It has to be questioned that if teens who use file sharing programs would even buy CD’s anyway because it is set up for those people who don’t buy CD’s. While adults account up for nearly 60% of all CD sales, record companies mainly target teens for their products, but the system set up for file-sharing is teen-friendly and perfect for those who have a lot of time and a little amount of money (Harvard) . In a recent article titled “Simple Downloads, complex change” the impact of file- sharing for fans and for the business is the topic. Some artists have argued that the file- sharing industry has hurt their careers, but to others, it has brought a great opportunity.
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research paper yo - Research Paper Music File Sharing The...

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