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study guide for exam 3 soc - Low adult input on a child...

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Study guide for Exam 3: Chapters 4 and 8 Socialization (and agents of) Primary Anticipatory A person rehearses for future positions, occupations and social relationships Re-socialization (Adult) Discarding former behavior patterns and accepting new ones as part of a transition in ones life Deviance Non normative behavior Behavior that violates the standards of condudt or expectations of a group of society Example: alcoholics, homosexuals Crime Stigma Labels society uses to devalue members of certain social groups Recidivism Functionalist Deviance is a part of human existence and has positive and negative consequences for society Conflict Symbolic Interactionist Labeling Theory People Lombroso Morse Moynihan Wilson Rosenhan Harlow Kohn Isaac Ehrlich Exam 3 essay question Two parents can supervise the childs behavior more readily than one.
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Unformatted text preview: Low adult input on a child lowers educational attainments. Spending less time supervising homework and children spending less time doing homework These kids have a higher risk of bad grades and dropping out Leaving school increases the risk of a young person to become involved in criminal activity No supervision after school increases the opportunities of doing something to get in trouble Family history of mental illness increases people in becoming single parents. This may make the person more difficult for the person to form and sustain long term relationships such as marriage Divorced parents increases depression, anxiety phobia obsessions, aggressive and disobedient Kids learn trust empathy from their parents. Kids have a difficulty learning the combination of empathy, fairness and self command...
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study guide for exam 3 soc - Low adult input on a child...

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