Test 5 - 1 How to amend by-laws Submit a proposal before 6...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. How to amend by-laws Submit a proposal before 6 th week of quarter. Approved by Exec. before voted on by the chapter. Announced the next two weeks and automatically tabled until the 8 th week. Passes with a 2/3 majority vote by members in good standing at the Chapter meeting. 2. Eligibility for membership Male student at OSU. Of sound character. At least a 2.75 GPA. Socially acceptable throughout the Fraternity. Not be a member another national or international college social fraternity. 3. Member in good standing A member is in good standing unless either: 1. He is delinquent in accounts, or 2. He is delinquent in scholarship, or 3. He is under suspension, or 4. An accusation exists against him, or 5. He has not graduated and is not currently enrolled at the Ohio State University. 4. Inactive Status Inactive Membership. An inactive member is one who, at his own request and upon good cause shown, while he is still a student, has been permitted by the Chapter, by a three-fourths (3/4) vote of approval, to assume the status of inactivity; but such a member cannot become inactive until he has paid in full dues and obligations due to the Chapter, the Province, and the Fraternity Service Center or Fraternity. Inactivity cannot take place unless the applicant for inactive membership has been a member of the Chapter for at least two (2) years. No petition for inactivity shall be considered until the Eminent Archon shall have established that the Chapter has made every attempt to work out an acceptable financial and activity-participation basis, which will allow the member to remain active. Every initiated member and the Chapter shares in its obligation to develop programs so that every initiated member will find it educationally advantageous to remain active throughout his undergraduate study. 5. Debate Discussion of matters at Chapter meetings. Last five minutes. May be motioned to be extended at most twice (maximum discussion of 15 minutes) 6. Term of offices Exec.- 8 th week of winter quarter to 8 th week of following winter quarter. Two week ‘transition’ period Minor- 9 th week of winter quarter to 9 th week of following winter quarter. Two week ‘transition’ period 7. Exec. positions and duties A. Eminent Archon. The Eminent Archon shall: 1. Preside at Chapter and Executive Council meetings. 2. Preside as judge during trials described in 50G2. 3. Manage the Executive Council officers. 4. Appoint officers and committees not otherwise provided. 5. Review, understand, and enforce the Fraternity Laws, Province By-Laws, Chapter By-Laws and the Ohio State University Greek life Standards of Excellence. 6. Prepare the submission of Chapter forms to the Fraternity Service Center and the Ohio State University....
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Test 5 - 1 How to amend by-laws Submit a proposal before 6...

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