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Derek Kirby Jablonski ENGL 401 sec.28 12/5/07 The Art of Fighting, in Hockey: Rough Draft The purpose of ice hockey is, and has always been, to maneuver the puck through the opponents and into their net to get a goal. The team with the most goals at the end of sixty minutes of play time wins. Players use skillful stick handling and powerful shots to succeed in doing so. More recently, players use a lot of force to do so, also. When players get into the game, they will do anything to score goals. They also get caught up in the game and will take their anger out on each other. Many fans enjoy this part of the game. They like to see their home team rough up the opponents. It gets the players, as well as the fans pumped up. And when people are having a good time at the games, they will return, and more people will go. This makes profit for the team and the stadium. On the other hand, some fans think that when the players fight, it is a bad image for their children to see. Their children who adore hockey will see their idols in fights and think that is the right thing to do. I believe that fighting in hockey is not a bad image for children to see, but creates a good energy and a fun time for fans of all ages. Two players may skate next to each other, fighting for the puck, and as they battle, they become angry. Their fight for the puck and anger for the other player may lead to them feeling that they need to settle their little dispute in a violent way. Their fight will end with one or both of them on the ice, but the result for the team and the fans is positive. The fans get riled up, and excited, that their team is so devoted to winning that they will resort to fighting to try to do so. The players, seeing their teammate in action, and hearing the loud cheers of their fans, get a sudden boost of momentum and adrenaline. For some reason, they go out and play harder. When
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the players play harder, they are more likely to win, whether already ahead, or if it is a come from behind victory. Fans love to see victories and love a good time. Since fans get pumped up
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persuasion - Derek Kirby Jablonski ENGL 401 sec.28 12/5/07...

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