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Derek Kirby Jablonski Engl. 401 12/4/07 Diamond and Gatto The two readings, one by Diamond and one by Gatto, were a little dull. The concept of Diamond was that ancient civilizations fell apart, and for different reasons. He wonders if it will happen to the United States. He talks a lot about the Polynesian societies, and the Maya civilization. He uses them as the prime example for how a civilization can fall apart. They began to crumble, and as the citizens and the society lost money, the king, afraid to lose his own, took all of theirs. Diamond fears that as the society and its people lose hope, the leader, in this case the president, will have drastic, rash reactions to the problems. Diamond thinks it is quite possible for the United States to crumble apart. Diamond goes on to give hope, that there were many other cultures, such as Japan, Tonga, and New Guinea that have managed to prosper for quite lengthy periods of time. Next,
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Unformatted text preview: Gatto argues whether there should be an educational system. He sees all students from grades 1-12 being bored with learning. When they are asked why, their responses have to do with the work being useless, or the teaching methods very boring. He says that there is just as much benefit from being homeschooled, and it is easier/more fun for the children. This is because there are no boring lectures from teachers. The homeschooled teachers are able to teach in ways that can effectively connect to the students. He uses many great facts to back up his reasoning. Although they are dry, and would not attract me as a reader, they are quite helpful. Both of these passages are both well-written and well defended. They get their point across, defend it, give the oppositions view, and then tell why that is wrong, or not as good as their view. They were a bit boring, and not very interesting to read, but intelligent and well done....
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