Abnormal Psych notes chap 8

Abnormal Psych notes chap 8 - Chapter 8: Mood Disorders...

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Chapter 8: Mood Disorders Case Report: Janice Butterfield Janice was referred to Dr. Tobin by her physician because she had been complaining of various bodily symptoms including ongoing exhaustion, sleep disturbance, and lack of appetite. She also had feelings of gloom and sadness. The family physician had thought all she needed was a prescription for Prozac, but her symptoms worsened. After 2 months on Prozac, Janice went to the garage in her PJs when her husband left for work and started the car. Her husband returned for his briefcase and found her before she asphyxiated. Dr. Tobin recommended admitting Janice to a psychiatric hospital. Janice was unwilling at first but when Dr. Tobin told her that she needed to be in a place where she would be safe and cared for she agreed. Janice came to Dr. Tobin’s office looking well-dressed and well-groomed but had a blank stare and glazed-over, down-cast eyes. Janice told Dr. Tobin that for the last 6 months she felt like a “hopeless loser,” was frequently overcome with uncontrollable feelings of sadness, and felt so weak she could hardly find the energy to walk. She had taken Prozac regularly for 2 months but hated the edgy feelings it caused. Janice was the oldest of 3 girls, had a happy early life until her father died when she was 14. Her mother was hospitalized several times for depression, leaving her with much of the family responsibility. She couldn’t go far for college because she had to help take care of her family. She refused her husband’s first proposal because she had to care for her mother. Several years later, when she was 30, her mother died from a terminal illness, she was distraught. Her husband asked her to marry him again. Her husband asked her to continue working after her child was born; she didn’t want to but agreed and harbored resentment for it. Psychological tests (MMPI-2, Rorschach, TAT, WAIS-III, and Beck Depression Inventory-II) confirmed clinical diagnosis of major depressive disorder. She had no history of manic episodes or psychotic symptoms and dysthymic disorder was ruled out because of the relative brevity of her disturbance. She was hospitalized for 3 weeks then continued seeing Dr. Tobin weekly for a year. Dr. Tobin used a combination of cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamically based techniques. Dr. Tobin worked with Janice to identify her distorted thinking and self-blaming, and to replace those thoughts with healthy thoughts. They focused on becoming more assertive. Chapter Review:
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Abnormal Psych notes chap 8 - Chapter 8: Mood Disorders...

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