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Venus of Willendorf 1-4 – know that it is a fertility image . Stele of Naram-Sin 2-13 – Pharaoh has support of God, hieratic visualization Statuettes of Worshippers 2-5 – waiting for God to appear, praying forever Ashurbanipal Killing Lions 2-24 – makes him look like Gilgamesh , propaganda Khafre 3-12 – If original tomb is robbed and mummy destroyed, spirit/Ka has some place to go Fowling Scene 3-30 – shows Nebamun enjoying the afterlife – exemplifies the Amarna period because it is not idealized, the figures are rounded, and curvy Bull leaping fresco 4-7 – Tied to Egyptian aesthetic, figures are shaped the same, eyes are looking right at viewer despite position of figures Funerary mask 4-23 – Mycenaean Dipylon Krater 5-1 – used to mark graves Temple of Hera I 5-13 – pillars are “cigar shaped” to make them look powerful and sturdy, entasis http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entasis Dying warrior 5-28 –
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