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Biology 370 Study Questions 2-2 1. Why are stromatolites cited as evidence for an early origin of life? 2. Explain the Panspermia Hypothesis and the three variations of this hypothesis. 3. Why is the Panspermia Hypothesis not the preferred hypothesis? 4. The origin of life on earth is being investigated scientifically. Explain how this is possible even though it likely only happened once. 5. Why is it unlikely that life could originate again under modern conditions? 6. What kind of conditions must have existed on early earth to foster the origin of life? 7. What evidence suggests that earth had the proper chemical conditions for life to originate? 8. How do we know that oxygen was rare in the earth's atmosphere until about 2.2 billion years ago? 9. Describe the Miller and Urey experiments, their results, and their significance. 10. Why is water a problem for the spontaneous formation of biological polymers? 11.
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