Key Terms Chap. 8

Key Terms Chap. 8 - KEY TERMS AND FIGURES A BC television...

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KEY TERMS AND FIGURES ABC television: American Broadcasting Company, built from ABC radio network analog: broadcast transmission that uses a continuous, pulsing signal Roon Arledge: created ABC’s “Monday Night Football” Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball: introduced taping; led the television industry’s move to Hollywood bandwidth: capacity of a medium, such as frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum, to carry messages Big Three: ABC, CBS, and NBC Broadcasting Board of Governors: Administers U.S. government broadcast services aimed at foreign countries, including Voice of America CapCities Communications: owner of ABC before purchase by Disney Carnegie Commission on Educational Television: recommended upgrading noncommercial broadcast system CATV: short for Community Antenna Television, an early name for cable systems CBS television: Columbia Broadcasting System, built from CBS radio network under William Paley Children’s Television Workshop: created Sesame Street CNN: short for Cable News Network, first 24-hour TV news network coaxial cable: heavy-duty landline for video signals CPB: Corporation for Public Broadcasting; funnels federal money to public broadcast system Walter Cronkite: best-known television news anchor, now retired Barry Diller: created early successful Fox programming digital: broadcast transmission that sends signals in off-on data bits
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Key Terms Chap. 8 - KEY TERMS AND FIGURES A BC television...

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