Lecture 1 - PHYS 172: Modern Mechanics Fall 2007 Pick up...

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1 Fall 2007 PHYS 172: Modern Mechanics Lecture 1: Matter & Interactions Read: Ch 1.1-1.4 Pick up the handouts: Syllabus QuickCHIP, Quick WebAssign These will be discussed in more detail on Thursday, after you have had a chance to read them. To do AS SOON AS POSSIBLE: 1. Obtain the textbook (at campus bookstores; used books are OK). 2. Obtain the new PHYS 172 Laboratory Manual (from bookstore). 3. Obtain an iClicker audience response remote (not a CPS pad). 4. Register for WebAssign , the on-line homework service. 5. Register your iClicker on CHIP , your on-line PHYS 172 gradebook. 6. Click on the course URL for any late announcements, etc: www.physics.purdue.edu/academic_programs/courses/phys172 (or poke around Physics home page, www.physics.purdue.edu During the first week you will: Attend the two scheduled lectures, on Tuesday and Thursday. Attend the Recitation session assigned to you by the Registrar. Log in to WebAssign and complete “HW #1” by midnight Thursday Aug 23. Lab meetings will not be held during the first week. Instead, log in to WebAssign and complete “Lab #1 Orientation” by Tuesday, Aug 28. Attendance is required for three evening exams this semester: Exam 1: Thursday, Sep 13 7:00-9:00 pm Exam 2: Tuesday, Oct 23 7:00-9:00 pm Exam 3: Thursday, Nov 29 7:00-9:00 pm Download this from the home page. Handout will be available on Thursday. Note:
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Lecture 1 - PHYS 172: Modern Mechanics Fall 2007 Pick up...

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