Lecture 3

Lecture 3 - PHYS 172 Modern Mechanics Fall 2007 For help...

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1 Fall 2007 PHYS 172: Modern Mechanics Lecture 3 - The Momentum Principle Read 2.1-2.6 For help with homework problems, go to the Physics Learning Center in Room 11 (PHYS Bldg) during the assigned hours. Schedule can be found on the home page. It is staffed by trained teaching assistants assigned to this course. Use it! Reminders: 1. Extensions can be granted for Homework assignments, if you have a good reason and don’t abuse the privilege. Download form under “HW Extension request” which will be given to your Recitation TA. Do not notify your instructor. 2. To request an Excused Grade for a quiz or an exam due to a valid reason (illness, etc), download the form under “Absentee Report.” Do this in advance if at all possible. Advance notification 3. Do NOT notify the instructor if you will miss a lecture. We drop the 3 lowest clicker quiz grades to accommodate occasional absences. See the Syllabus for more details. VIII. Academic Honesty Any effort to represent somebody else’s work as your own, or allowing your work to represented as somebody else’s, is cheating. Working with another student on your homework is not cheating and, in fact, is encouraged. However, having somebody else solve assigned problems for you IS cheating. Entering clicker responses for anybody else is cheating. If a student is found cheating, he or she will receive an F for the
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Lecture 3 - PHYS 172 Modern Mechanics Fall 2007 For help...

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