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reaction diagram - Nucleophile NO YES SN 2 E 2 YES NO SN 2...

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alpha site-where leaving group is attached T e r t i a r y E 2 /E 1 /SN 1 What is the nucleophile? S e c o n d a r y E 2 /SN 2 /E 1 /SN 1 Nucleophile or Base Charged? YES E 2 /SN 2 Is the pKa of conjugate acid below 11 P r i m a r y SN 2 /E 2 (More SN 2 ) Bulky
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Unformatted text preview: Nucleophile? NO YES SN 2 E 2 YES NO SN 2 E 2 Base! Good (charged) Moderate Nucleophile (neutral) E 2 E 1 /SN 1 Heat? Major Produc t : E 1 Minor: SN 1...
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