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BSCI330 – Fall 2007 Review Questions – Set 1 _______________________ List four different classes of eukaryotic cells What are some of the common features of eukaryotic cells? What about prokaryotic cells? Describe the structure and composition of a retrovirus virus. Outline the replication cycle of HIV. What are the major protein products encoded by the Rous Sarcoma Virus genome and what are the functions of the proteins in the life cycle of the virus? Contrast HIV with Adenovirus and with a typical bacteriophage. The response should include comparisons of genomes, compositions, host cells, and where possible the mechanism of host cell infection. With one sentence, indicate the contributions to cell biology by each of the following individuals: Robert Hooke Anton Van Leeuwenhoek Peyton Rous Irving Langmuir Gortel and Grendel Davson and Danielli Singer and Nicolson What is meant by a unit membrane? Give an illustration for how the membrane would look under the electron microscope.
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