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Gestalt Paper - GESTALT PERCEPTION The word...

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GESTALT PERCEPTION The word "Gestalt" is a German word for "form" or "shape." Therefore, Gestalt perception is the way that certain images or shapes are perceived in a certain way. There are six basic principles involved with Gestalt perception. These six principles are figure and ground, proximity, closure, similarity, simplicity, and continuity. Each of these principles apply to how certain images are viewed. Figures one and two demonstrate the principle of figure and ground. Figure and ground images are often reversible or have multiple realities (Weiten 138). For example, figure one may be perceived as two faces staring at one another. However, others may see a vase formed between the two faces. What is perceived depends on what the viewer sees as the figure and what he or she sees as the background (138). When I look at this image I see two black faces as the figure and the white space as the background. Figure two is also a reversible image where there is a figure of a man playing a saxophone in black and a figure of a woman's face in white. Once again, when I saw this image I
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Gestalt Paper - GESTALT PERCEPTION The word...

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