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Psych Exam Essays 1 - Exam 1 Essays 1. One of the most...

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Exam 1 Essays 1. One of the most influential paradigms of psychology affecting the action of terrorism is behaviorism. Behaviorism focuses on how family, school, community traditions and norms, media, and religion causes people to act or behave a certain way. Many terror- ists are raised in a world where they are taught by parents, teachers, and religious fig- ures that the right thing to do is terrorize people who do not believe they same way that they do. Many have been taught distorted views of the Islamic religion. Extremists have come to believe and teach that dying while commiting an act of terror is the ulti- mate salvation. The terrorists therefore act in such a way that they believe is pleasing to their God. The acts of terrorists are rarely a real reflection of the character of the person. If it were part of the Christian tradition to murder people, it is likely that such an act would be acceptable in America and commited much more frequently, not be- cause the people who follow the Christian faith are bad people, but because they want to please God. On the other hand, being raised in a democratic country teaches people to make their own decisions about what they believe. America provides its people with the freedom to choose a religion instead of forcing the practice of one religion on its people. This freedom has given American citizens a sense of security where they feel they do not have to prove their righteousness by commiting acts of terror. 2. The hypothesis in the amiguous picture study was that people tend to see certain ob-
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Psych Exam Essays 1 - Exam 1 Essays 1. One of the most...

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