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Essay questions, broken down in parts need to answer all parts fully Legendary Period to 770BC Xio, Shan dynasty maybe existed Duke of Zhou, mandate of heaven, one dynasty to another Religion -Oracle bones Book of Documents, golden age, creationist story, tealks about creation of Xio Shan and Yu dynasty - Contains text from the beginning of the zhou and gives us zhou version of Chinese history - Zhou conquests of the shang Warring States (770-221 BC) 100 schools of thought, many questions, ideas became very big Confucianism -Confucius -Exams Legalism -Han Feiz – founder - argued against Confucians, said that you couldn’t rely on the common people, government should tell them what to do -Qin – took up most ideas Daoism – focused on nature, and the way – doa means the way -Loo Zi – classic of the way and its power, written by Lao -Tao Te Ching – Dao De Jing mysticism, highest good is water, benefits everyone but does not compete Qin (221-206) Punishment and reward, connected Han (202bc-220ad) Han Gaozu -Le ze faer government, hands off, emerged from the peasant class Han wudi -Had more taxes, was more hands on, taxes everything, domestic centralization - rule of inheritance, 4 sons divides land 4 ways - the ever normal grainery system - created a cavalry Silk Road – Han Dynasty – Goods exchange -Zhang Qian – Official credited as founder of silk road, sent out to the steps to make alliance, didn’t work, was captured for a long time, captured again. Accidentally founded silk road Sima Qian (Grand Historian)
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– the Records of the Grand Historian (first big Chinese history – big comprehensive) – virtuous and loyal, willing to criticize emperor, was castrated for it – was given option: die nobly or become a unig Wong Mang Usurped control of the throne, declared himself emperor, tried to reform Confucian ideas Well field system, did not work very well, breaks down wealth Bon Zhao - woman in the court, father and brother were officials and historians - took over history they were writing - important example of women in power Era of Division (220-589) Romance of the 3 Kingdoms (book, written in Yuan Dynasty) - Reaffirmed loyalty in the face of invadors Zhuge Liang - Wise minister, snuck boat down river - Noble advisor Buddhism – started in India, came over silk road - 4 Noble truths – life is painful, pain is desire, end desire to not feel pain, end desire through path - 8 fold path, way to achieve enlightenment - Mahayana – more people can get involved / Theraveda, become Buddhist without giving up life Chan Buddhism - Hui Neng – 6 th patriarch – wrote Platform Sutra of the 6 th patriach - Go to teacher, get taught -
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ReviewSession - Essay questions broken down in parts need...

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