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SYLLABUS: COMM 1210 (PERSPECTIVES ON HUMAN COMMUNICATION) FALL, 2007 Lecture M/W 2-2:50 pm, in CHEM140 plus a once weekly recitation PROFESSOR : Dr. Brian L. Daniell [email protected] Campus phone 303-492-7488 OFFICE HOURS : HLMS 76 MW, 3-4:30, F 1-2, other times by appointment. COMM 1210 INSTRUCTIONAL STAFF: Lori Britt, Lead TA [email protected] Shannon Dickerson [email protected] Jessica Robles [email protected] Christydale Sims [email protected] Jennifer Stradling [email protected] Carrie Stump [email protected] Mike Wiley [email protected] COMMUNICATION WITH INSTRUCTIONAL STAFF: Please communicate with COMM 1210 instructional staff either face-to-face during class or office hours, or by means of e-mail. REQUIRED TEXT : Wood, J. (2006). Communication mosaics: An introduction to the field of communication . Belmont CA: Thomson Wadsworth. 4 th or 5 th edition. Additional readings (journal articles, book chapters, etc.) will be assigned in your recitation. COURSE OBJECTIVES : 1. To become familiar with the broad range of research and theoretical work carried out by communication scholars. 2. To understand the impact and effects of various forms of communication in personal, institutional, and societal contexts. 3. To provide a foundation for critical examination of communication practices in interpersonal, institutional, and societal/cultural contexts. 4. To prepare the student for advanced coursework as a major in the Department of Communication at the University of Colorado at Boulder. COURSE CONTENT AND APPROACH : COMM 1210 is an introductory overview course designed to impart knowledge of the theoretical frameworks and focus of the modern field of human communication. Any such course involves theories (“the ways by which we understand communication”) and practice (“what we do with the understanding provided by our theories). Our course consists of both lecture and recitation sessions. Lectures will present the various theories and analytical frameworks communication scholars have developed to describe or analyze various communication phenomena. Recitation sessions will provide students with the opportunity to discuss and clarify the theories and terminology as well as applying them to specific contexts, problems, or issues. Note that our approach to communication in this course is primarily descriptive and predictive rather than prescriptive ; in other words, we will concern ourselves with “how things work” rather than “how things ought to be.”
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COURSE TOPICS AND SCHEDULE : COMM 1210 follows the structure of the textbook (Communication Mosaics Wood, 2006). Read the corresponding chapter in Wood prior to each week’s lectures and recitations. WEEK 1 (Aug 27-Aug 31);
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