HW__14_F05 - Physics 112 Homework#14 Fall 2005 The P112...

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Physics 112 Homework #14 Fall 2005 *** The P112 Final Exam is 2-4:30 PM on Friday afternoon, December 9 in Baker 200. It will be comprehensive, covering the entire course—new material since Prelim Exam #2 (~ 2/3) + review of earlier material (~ 1/3). More details will be given at lecture. Seating will be assigned by recitation section. Please bring your Cornell ID card. All cell-phones and CD/tape players must be turned off and kept out of sight during the exam. Persons with conflicts or special needs please contact Prof. Cohen ([email protected]) ASAP. *** Read: Chapter 13 (sections 13.5 thru 13.8) Chapter 14 (intro., sections 14.1 thru 14.3) For study: Chap. 13: Qs #Q13.7, Q13.12, Q13.13, Q13.14, Q13.15, Q13.16, Q13.18, Q13.19 (not turned in) Chap. 13: Es & Ps: #13.31, 13.33, 13.41, 13.49, 13.55, 13.88, 13.91 Chap. 14: Qs #Q14.3, Q14.4, Q14.5, Q14.6, Q14.9, Q14.16, Q14.20, Q14.23 Chap. 14: Es & Ps: #14.7, 14.13, 14.21, 14.51, 14.63, 14.71 Due Friday, Dec. 2 at lecture: #13.54 [Driven Oscillations] #13.90 [L-rod Oscillator] #14.11 [Diving Bell] #14.54 [Hot Air Balloon] #14.64 [Block & Beaker on Scales] 1. [Mutiny on the Canal] A barge hauling a cargo of scrap metal is floating at rest on the water inside a canal lock whose doors are both closed. The crew, unsatisfied with their working conditions, decides to mutiny. They throw all the cargo overboard, whereupon it sinks to the bottom of the lock and remains there. After the cargo is thrown overboard, is the water level inside the lock lower, higher, or the same as it was when the cargo was all in the barge?
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This homework help was uploaded on 04/21/2008 for the course PHYS 1112 taught by Professor Leclair,a during the Fall '07 term at Cornell.

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HW__14_F05 - Physics 112 Homework#14 Fall 2005 The P112...

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