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Exercise 2 Organ Systems A.Function of Organ Systems 1.respiratory 2.nervous 3.muscular 4.integumentary 5.cardiovascular 6.digestive 7.urinary 8.endocrine 9.skeletal 10.reproductive 11.lymphatic and immune B.Organ Identification 1.lymphatic 2.digestive 3.respiratory 4.cardiovascular 5.integumentary 6.urinary 7.reproductive 8.endocrine 9.nervous 10.reproductive; endocrine 11.reproductive 12.digestive 13.digestive; endocrine 14.endocrine 15.endocrine C.Body Cavities 1.C 2.A, PT 3.T, PC 4.T, PL 5.T 6.A, PT 7.V 8.A, PT
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Unformatted text preview:9. A 10. P 11. P 12. P D. Abdominopelvic Quadrants and Regions 1. RUQ; right hypochondriac 2. LUQ; epigastic 3. LUQ; left hypochondriac 4. RUQ; right hypochondriac 5 RLQ; right inguinal (iliac) 6 LUQ; left lumbar 7 RLQ; right inguinal (iliac) 8 RLQ and LLQ; hypogastric (pubic) E. Serous Membranes 1. parietal pericardium 2. visceral pleura 3. visceral peritoneum 4. serous fluid 5. liver, spleen, part of the abdominal aorta and part of the inferior vena cava, stomach