GPHIL - How to Defend Society Against Science

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Matt Underwood Philosophy 101 Dr. Chip Bolyard March 26, 2008 How to Defend Society Against Science Paul Feyerabend In this work, Paul Feyerabend argues that science should not be as absolute as our society makes it out to be. He says science should be treated like every other ideology, a category that includes all religions, and give people a choice on whether or not to believe it’s teachings. He goes on to state that the way things work in the world right now, people are practically forced to believe anything and everything that is considered “scientific”, despite the fact that this information is constantly changing and evolving. Feyerabend believes that since nothing in this world can really be considered absolute, than science is just another religion in the sense that its teachings should be refutable, much like Christianity. Everything should be questioned. Theories can only be formed from other theories, and therefore cannot be trusted. Feyerabend’s argument that people put too much weight on science makes sense.
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