Final english essay, Junius maltby

Final english essay, Junius maltby - Michael Cheung...

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Michael Cheung December 5, 2005 Professor Goldberg English Black and White The story Junius Maltby by John Steinbeck portrays 2 very contrasting characters. Junius and Robbie are very different one from the other. Junius does not acknowledge society’s demands towards him, whereas Robbie has the ability to lead his peers. Although poverty strikes both of these characters throughout the story, Robbie is purely innocent towards his lack of material, while Junius is willfully blind to his own poverty. Robbie constantly evolves to become a leader of his peers while Junius degrades himself in his own laziness and inability to conform to the norms of the society. Junius begins his new life in the Pastures of Heaven on the wrong foot. From his San Francisco days, he loses the norms and regularities that society had set on him such as work. In consequence to the loss of societal norms, Junius becomes extremely lazy. “He was quiet and happy on the farm, and what pleased him more, he had thrown out the ten years of the office and had grown superbly lazy.” (142). The word “superbly”, in the quote exemplifies the degree of laziness Junius has stopped down to. A societal norm is family, one which is obvious in our society and that of the Pastures of Heaven. Although Junius did have a family to take care of, he did not care much about his role as a father. During the last moments of life of his children, he is sitting on a tree reading
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Final english essay, Junius maltby - Michael Cheung...

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