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drop the butt - Drop the Butt Smoking is a global problem...

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Drop the Butt Smoking is a global problem, yet no one is putting an end to the epidemic that is sweeping away the nation. At least, if it is a problem that cannot be stopped, limit its outreach to the world, such as banning smoking in highly populated areas of Montreal, such as the downtown area. The negative effects of cigarette smoke will be demonstrated through three paragraphs, depicting the long term effects of the second hand smoke, the increasing pollution that is caused by the cigarette and the effects that the cigarette smoke has on the children of the future. Second hand smoking is dangerous and hazardous to the people smoking and to the people exposed to the toxic gases emitted by the “butt”. When a cigarette is lit, there are over 4 000 chemicals that are produced while the cigarette is in the process of combustion and in this burning, since it occurs at a lower temperature, the gases emitted are more deadly, since twice as much tar is produced into the area, as well as five times more carbon monoxide, which kick off the oxygen molecules off of your red blood cells, therefore reducing the amount of oxygen that is going to the brain, which is vital for humans because three minutes without oxygen turns you into a vegetable. (Canadian Cancer Society). The cigarette also burns for 12 minutes, while the smoker is inhaling for a mere 30 seconds, and while that cigarette burns, it emits side stream smoke, which is the smoke burnt off the tip of the cancer stick and produces nearly fifty carcinogens that are produced in the air surrounding the smoker (Canadian Cancer
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drop the butt - Drop the Butt Smoking is a global problem...

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