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GPHIL - Of Personal Identity

GPHIL - Of Personal Identity - Matt Underwood Philosophy...

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Matt Underwood Philosophy 101 Dr. Chip Bolyard March 19, 2008 “Of Personal Identity” David Hume In this work, David Hume argues against a person’s understanding of their self. Hume states that a person has nothing permanent that strictly defines them as being “themselves”, and that their entire definition of their own self consists of is based on such lesser things as memory, sensation, and past experiences. He also states that to us, this self-image we have of ourselves never changes and remains our identity from birth until death. However, he points out that we tend to misconstrue the differences between something that never changes and something that changes a tiny bit at a time. Even though something may change in an almost undetectable fashion, it still changes the entire thing completely. Therefore, tiny changes in say, our personality over time, while easy to shrug off initially, build up over the years and result in a completely different person than before.
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