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Matt Underwood Philosophy 101 Dr. Chip Bolyard February 13, 2008 “The Five Ways” Thomas Aquinas In this paper, Aquinas argues for the existence of God using five different, though similar, argument forms. He states by argument that God exists because as something requires motion to act against it in order to move, something in the universe had to have been put in motion by a greater being that did not require motion from an outside source, or God. He says that there must exist a greater Cause to the very first effect in the universe, otherwise no cause-and-effect relationship would ever have been possible. He also attributes this phenomenon to a greater entity that people call God. The same follows for the fact that nothing could exist without something first existing. God. The good and just qualities in man had to come from somewhere. Where you might ask? God, of course. And finally, Aquinas says that knowledge cannot exist and be discovered without previously existent knowledge. This is attributed
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