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Outline final essay - Michael Cheung English November 29,...

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Michael Cheung November 29, 2005 English Professor Goldberg Outline to Final Essay Junius Maltby Thesis : Junius and Robbie differ very much one from the other. Junius has a problem acknowledging society’s demands towards him, whereas Robbie sets good examples and leads his peers. Although poverty strikes both of these characters throughout the story, the perception of the lack of financial support is subjective, as Robbie is innocent towards materialism while Junius is simply blind towards the reality he used to live in. Paragraph 1: Junius and Robbie differ in their sense of maturity, relative to their age. Junius reflects the inability to conform into society while Robbie portrays leadership. When Junius arrived in the Pastures of Heaven, he slowly became more and more lazy and lost the example society had set. Page 142 “He was quiet and happy on the farm, and what pleased him more, he had thrown out the ten years of the office and had grown superbly lazy.” Junius can be seen as becoming lazy at the beginning of the short story and this trend continues. Before, he used to work every day in San Francisco but now, all he does is read all day and ponder philosophical matters. His “family” was of least importance to him, whereas in society, family is an important value. Junius cannot follow the example of others as well, either he is just unique or
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Outline final essay - Michael Cheung English November 29,...

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