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Amanda Dupont Wayne Lesperance March 22 nd , 2008 The New South Spring Midterm 1. The colonial experience in the South was rough in the beginning; the first settlement was called Jamestown and was established in Virginia. The settlers established Jamestown in 1607 but by the winter of 1608 almost all of the settlers were dead. They were plagued by bad luck and disease, and the climate also made it hard for these men and woman to establish themselves as a community. Also the colonists of the Jamestown settlement spent most of their time fighting with each other and looking for riches, leaving no time to plant crops so they ended up starving most dying and others running off to live with the Native Americans. In 1624 the King of England revoked the charter for the Virginia Company and took over the colony. Eventually the colonists started to prosper discovering how to grow tobacco which became their ideal crop, Virginia became internationally famous for their tobacco. The planters started to spread out of the colonies and started occupying plantations which were much more spread apart from each other, and on these plantations more hands were needed to help plant, grow, and harvest tobacco. This need for people caused a surge of workers to come into Chesapeake region between 1645 and 1670. In Virginia during the early years it was mostly men who inhabited it, women were very rare to come by and this caused the governors to send requests for shiploads of women to be sent to the Virginia Colony. When these women came they were not the ladies we see as “Southern Belles” they gambled, drank, danced, fought, and fornicated just like the men of the colony. “Life in Virginia was often brutal, but it offered great financial and social rewards” (27) to those who could survive the harsh environment. In 1624 Virginia started trying to salvage itself and they got permission from the King to establish their own three-tier government, this consisted of the governor, the council which acted like a supreme court, and the House of Burgesses. This gave Virginia the freedom it needed to start becoming a real colony, in 1700’s Virginia established its own militia, and they made all white men serve in it and all freed servants. By the time the American Revolution came around, Virginia was a well established Royal Colony and was able to sustain itself.
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2. In the eastern colonies there wasn’t much opportunity for the children of indentured servants to make a living for themselves, knowing that the way manhood is measured back then was by two things; the color of your skin and
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the new south midterm - Amanda Dupont Wayne Lesperance...

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