1-23Slavery - GHIST 225 1/23/2008 Slavery -English...

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GHIST 225 1/23/2008 Slavery -English immigration will decline at the end of the 17 th century -More options to settle besides New England -Mortality rate lower in Virginia (In the beginning it would not be worth the money to buy a slave who would have died early on) -One slave for LIFE = 25-35 pounds -Indentured Servant for FOUR years = 15 pounds -Improves the planter relationship for poor whites (Reduces the chance for rebellion within poor whites) = Whites develop an inner racial relationship between fellow whites in fear of slaves -Slavery begins in 1640s -Initially slaves treated as servants -Since a large influx of slaves keep coming, by the end of the 17 th century, whites develop stricter laws to control population of the slaves (Requires written pass for slaves who want to leave the plantation) (No more than four slaves can congregate far away from the plantation) (Militia can search slave quarters for weapons, stolen food, etc. Anything incriminating against them) (Work from sun up to sun down) (Changed rulings so no slave had any opportunity to buy their freedom) -1680 VA Assembly instates that any black man can be punished by threatening or striking a white man (30 lashes) (Allows bullying poor whites to
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1-23Slavery - GHIST 225 1/23/2008 Slavery -English...

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